To reinforce our commitment to product and technology innovations, Trulioo's GlobalGateway platform is undergoing a rebranding effort to establish a global vision for the company with a distinctive point of view that sets out to further strengthen our customer relationships and strategic partnerships.

As part of phase one of the rebrand, Trulioo customers will notice a few changes to the GlobalGateway portal. Starting October 25th, the global identity verification portal will feature cosmetic changes along with enhanced search functionality. Now you can search transactions based on a Date Range as well as Given Name. You may also choose to filter on "Only No-Match" or "Watch List" hits. (see screen grabs below)

GlobalGateway Identity Verification

Search Transactions GlobalGateway

Search Results Watchlist GlobalGatewayPhase two of our rebranding efforts will include the launch of a new website to provide updated communication materials, product features and videos, and an enhanced user-experience. Trulioo's website will soon feature a crisper, more professional and sophisticated logo, which has taken on a new tagline, font, color palette, and avatar.

Phase three will incorporate the new brand across all social media channels and digital communication, such as email notifications and company newsletters.

The new website, updated communication materials and social media assets will be rolled our in the coming months.