Sibos 2019 round up post

This year, the world’s premier financial services event gave us a chance to consider the importance of trust in a hyper-connected world. At Trulioo, we believe that trust is essential for a healthy and inclusive economic future. We had a chance to showcase that belief in events and announcements across the conference.

Trust will be the competitive advantage

Zac Cohen, general manager at Trulioo, kicked things off at the Discovery Stage with his keynote, “Building trust in emerging markets and the sharing economy.” As the economy of convenience loses its luster thanks to bad actors and data breaches, Zac sees trust making a resurgence. Banks, the original trust bearers, have a unique opportunity to champion and benefit from that resurgence.

Zac also spoke with Fintech Finance about the trends and challenges he’s seeing in the world of identity and what can be done now to increase financial inclusion.

Four banks banking on Trulioo’s digital identity network

Sibos was the perfect environment to reflect on the funding raise that Trulioo announced in September. Zac Cohen shared more details about how the CAD $70M will be put to use as the company expands globally.

Refinitiv and Trulioo announce Qual-ID

Refinitiv took advantage of the Sibos buzz to announce its new identity solution powered by Trulioo. Qual-ID combines digital ID verification and document proofing from Trulioo with risk screening from World-Check in a single point of access.

Refinitiv deployed pairs of identical twins on the exhibit hall floor to bring attention to the importance of identity verification and risk screening.

Qual-ID at Sibos

Hackathon for open banking

The Sibos hackathon brought together teams of developers to build applications that solve problems within the financial services sector. Menelaos Kotsollaris, senior software engineer, represented Trulioo in the hackathon. Menelaos and his team developed routrid, which helps users analyze transactions in a highly secure manner to reduce decision-making friction. The solution used Trulioo EmbedID for KYC, Tink for payment initiation (PIS), and SWIFT for transaction analysis.

Congratulations to Team OptiPay, which garnered the most votes for their hackathon entry, and to Team routrid, which took the runner-up spot.

sibos 2019 hackathon-collage

Trulioo values the chance to connect with so many people from across the financial services sector at one event. With clients in traditional banking, digital banking and innovative fintech around the globe, we thrive on conversations and knowledge exchange around the modernization of trust and identity.