China Bank card

For most countries, citizens and residents are issued national identification numbers in order to have access to government benefits and services. Another common use for these ID numbers is also for identity verification purposes. For China, the Resident Identity Card is the national standard for proof of identity.

When doing business with Chinese citizens, it is important for businesses not only to respect national anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations, but also follow strict privacy laws.

Trulioo is pleased to announce that a new identification attribute can now be used by our clients to verify the identity of citizens from China via GlobalGateway. Clients can now verify citizens of China using bank card information from any of the 20 banks that are part of the domestic bank card organization in the People’s Republic of China.

“With the new independent and reliable data source, Trulioo clients have enhanced capabilities for electronic identity verification of Chinese citizens,” said Rob Hartley, VP of Product. “In order to use this data source, both the national ID and the bank card number must be provided, and both must be present and correct to return a positive verification.”

The need for electronic identity verification is growing in the country. There are growing concerns about an increase in online gambling using social networks like WeChat, as gambling is banned in China. Authorities have had difficulty apprehending gamblers due to the lack of verified identities on some social networks or the use of fake ID on others. Having the ability to reliably confirm Chinese identities can deter illegal activities such as fraud and gambling.

“We are constantly making improvements to GlobalGateway and integrating unique and trustworthy data sources is just one example of how we are providing clients with a comprehensive online identity verification solution,” said Hartley. “By adding new sources, we are strengthening the verification and providing an alternative, yet reliable way to verify a user that can’t be verified using only one source. Having multiple sources offers our clients more options and flexibility to improve their AML and KYC program.”