Money2020 Las Vegas 2019

“We cannot get rid of money even by abolishing gold and silver and legal tender instruments. So long as there exists any durable asset, it is capable of possessing monetary attributes and, therefore, of giving rise to the characteristic problems of a monetary economy.” —John Maynard Keynes, 1936

Keynes may not have envisioned the particulars of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and a cashless society. But he certainly predicted correctly when he said that changing the form of money wouldn’t eliminate its challenges.

As we find new ways to exchange value, we cannot escape the enduring questions around identity: how much do we need to know about each other in order to establish trust? And how do we get that information? The who of money is as important as the what.

This year, Trulioo once again joins the who’s who of global finance, payments and banking at Money20/20 in Las Vegas. From October 28 to 30, 2019, we’ll look into the future of money and identity with industry leaders and innovators. Trulioo is participating as a 1 Star Sponsor, and we will be hosting a private meeting room in the exhibition hall.

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Money20/20 USA
October 23 – 30, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada