Money 20/20 Europe

What is the future of money when it comes to new European financial services, regulations and innovations? Attend Money20/20 Europe to stay on top of the rapidly changing industry, listen to experts, and learn how to transform ideas into real-world success.

One of the largest events in the fintech and banking space, Money20/20 Europe will feature over 70 hours of content, 350 speakers and 6,000 attendees from more than 2,000 companies. Engage in discussions, and network with senior C-Suite leaders and influential executives from a variety of companies such as Stripe, Amazon Pay, Santander, SoftBank, Julius Bär, Naspers and Société Générale.

Industry-advancing themes

There are 12 central themes that will animate discussions at the event; these carefully chosen themes are indicative of the larger trends affecting the future of money.

Banking transformation
International tech giants pose a real disruptive threat to the status quo and banks need to be proactive, not reactive.

Payments evolution and innovation
Significant work needs to be done to ensure that frictionless, secure payments are front-and-center of the customer experience.

Platform ecology
What are the opportunities presented by open banking initiatives and API integrations; will regulation disrupt or enhance superapp growth?

Cyber security and risk management
Learn about the evolution of risk models for organizations of all sizes; demystify the emerging technologies and approaches that should be in every risk manager’s toolkit.

Data-driven innovation
Examine strategies for navigating the data deluge post-PSD2, and take an in-depth look at financial cloud technology, big data and analytics for both the back office and product development.

Transformational technology
Explore the business case for disruptive technologies in financial services, the new sources of value, and business models that they enable.

Future commerce
On the agenda are discussions on data-driven innovations to in-store transformation, meeting customers’ multichannel needs, driving demand, and creating frictionless, connected commerce.

Identity and authentication
Delve into how government initiatives are revolutionizing secure citizen identity and providing access to the formal financial system.

Regulation and compliance
Analyze innovations in compliance technologies, mapping out the deals being made, and the efficiencies gained by first-movers.

Marketing and communication
How to execute and scale a marketing campaign; define and target your audience to effectively generate revenue, drive consume loyalty, and grow your brand.

Entrepreneurship and investing
Understand forward strategies alongside cutting-edge product demos from the best up-and-coming startups that are changing the face of financial services.

Inclusive finance and globalization
How can financial services respond to the increasing customer demand for sustainable investment, and what are the corporate social responsibility methods that are leading the way?

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Money20/20 Europe
June 3rd - 5th 2019
Rai, Amsterdam