Money Laundering in Canada 2017

The Money Laundering in Canada 2017 conference in Victoria, BC on September 11-13, 2017 is the 15th installment of Canada’s premier event in the field of money laundering compliance and control. The theme of this year’s conference is “Strengthening Compliance Application & Management Skills through Interactive Learning.”

Through a series of interactive workshops, attendees will explore about such topics as AML and privacy, composing better STR’s, due diligence tools, KYC tools and techniques, models for identifying terrorist financing and AML/CTF model validation. The workshops happen over three days and there are networking opportunities, receptions, and other ways to interact with industry experts from across Canada.

There are three Plenary Sessions that address topics current to regulatory oversight, emerging trends and risks, and new delivery requirements.

Trulioo’s General Manager Zac Cohen will deliver the first Plenary:

The Evolution of KYC in Canada: How this Parallels with the Global Economy

As FINTRAC intensifies pressure on the 31,000 Canadian businesses subject to Canada’s Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws, cultural changes towards compliance-driven objectives should be a key priority for financial services providers to protect their reputation from being tarnished by scandals. Through this key plenary session, the speaker will discuss recent AML and KYC changes in Canada, Europe and the US that have evolved to respond to the dynamic nature of threats from money laundering and terrorist financing, and the emergence of regulatory technology (RegTech) to embrace these new rules and requirements both at a local and global level. Due to conflicting priorities -- regulators need to ensure corrupt and terrorist funding doesn’t enter the system, companies need to ensure compliance without stretching their resources and citizens need data privacy without slowing their consumer activities -- technology will be at the forefront of fighting the war on money laundering and terrorism.

Zac brings a high level of creativity, innovation, and experience building cooperative, dynamic and mutually accountable leadership teams. Throughout his career working in the tech sector and entrepreneurial environments, he has successfully implemented a team-focused approach to help achieve strategic business and organizational goals. His commitment to meaningful collaboration, strategic planning, and business execution has enabled him to effectively manage and lead high-performing teams.

Registration for Money Laundering in Canada 2017 will be limited in order to facilitate the interactive format. If you haven’t been to Victoria, September is certainly a beautiful time to visit. We hope to see you there!