Marketplace Risk

Online marketplaces have changed the landscape of business, creating new possibilities for buyer-seller interactions, and unlocking the gates to a truly global and borderless economy. Buyer-seller relationships are undergirded by trust; as transactions in the physical world become a thing of the past, and online marketplaces connect more buyers to sellers, the need to build a layer of trust at the heart of digital interactions becomes greater than ever.

It effectively boils down to the question: How can buyers and sellers trust each other for the online marketplace to function successfully? For any online marketplace, enabling a layer of trust is at the heart of its risk management strategy.

The Marketplace Risk Management Conference, which will be held in San Francisco this month, will consider the theme of risk mitigation from the perspective of the sharing, gig, on-demand, peer-to-peer and collaborative economy.

One particular panel discussion will take an especially nuanced look at the concept of trust in the context of the sharing economy:

Identity Innovators - A Survey of Technology Leveraged for Digital Identity Verification in the Sharing Economy and Beyond

May 22, 12pm - 12:45pm, Room D

Find out how identity verification and authentication solutions are being utilized by sharing economy platforms to build more confidence and trust in digital interactions. Join industry experts and technologists as they discuss how identity technologies not only help them fulfill regulatory requirements, build trust, but also give them a competitive edge in acquiring customers around the world and facilitating instantaneity to match the fast pace of online interactions.

This expert panel will also discuss how marketplace companies can achieve reliability and control over required supply-side and demand-side identity information, especially with increasing regulation and large numbers of data breaches; additionally, the panel will also go over how customer information is secured and used only as needed. The panelists will also consider how originations can use the right tools and technologies to weather rapid regulatory change.

The panel includes:

  • Anatoly Kvitnitsky, VP of Growth, Trulioo
  • Madhu Nori, Chief Product Officer, Yoti
  • Bill Russell, Product Strategy, Acuant
  • John Whaley, Founder & CEO, UnifyID
  • Tom Donlea, Marketplace Risk Advisory Board Chair & VP, Business Development & Partnerships Whitepages Pro

Trulioo’s very own Anatoly Kvitnitsky, in particular, would have some interesting insights given his experience; Anatoly, who is part of the Rutgers University Big Data Advisory Board, has had a ringside view of how successful companies have scaled products for global use. His insights and observations are grounded in his work in the fintech, credit, healthcare and identity industries.

Marketplace Risk Management Conference
May 21, 6:00 PM – May 22, 10:00 PM
Bespoke Events, San Francisco, CA, USA
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