Trulioo office art

There is a plethora of reading material about why art in the workplace is essential. Investing in art is considered a return on environment (ROE). The effort you put into an office space is repaid with the dynamic atmosphere you create for your team.  Art in the workplace boosts creativity and offers a platform for conversation between employees, resulting in a healthy distraction from daily challenges.

To illustrate our company’s strength, creativity, and innovation, we wanted to showcase a unique piece of art in the office that communicated these attributes to everyone who walked through our door. We shopped around for some cool pieces of art, but nothing really captured the essence of our brand. It was difficult to find ideas with the spirit and fire we have at Trulioo. We wanted an out-of-the-box concept that would highlight our culture and style to enhance our work environment. After searching high and low, we decided to take on the challenge ourselves and make our own art as a team from design conception to full production. Indeed it was a huge risk, considering none of us had any experience producing real art and it could very well turn out looking like an 8-year-old’s arts and crafts project for school, but we were confident in our team’s ability.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we collectively agreed on making art with easy-to-find materials such as nails, wood, and wool yarn. It was a super simplistic idea, but sometimes things look good on paper, and not in person. As you can see, after five fun-filled hours of hard work on a Saturday morning, the art we created turned out to be an epic masterpiece. Each of the 775 nails was hammered by hand, with love. It took five balls of wool and a ‘no rules’ approach to cover the wooden letters with wool yarn in Trulioo’s blue and green colours.  The zigzag patterns that emerged are the result of genuine creativity.  We transformed our group of employees to legitimate artists!

The biggest challenge was figuring out how to hang the masterpiece to the exposed brick wall. And this is where our team’s diversity and can-do attitude truly shined. Hanging something of this size (7 feet long and 4 feet high) takes a lot of effort and coordination. We had to hold, measure, and mark, balance and view simultaneously. Everybody had a vital role and it couldn’t have been done without each person’s contribution.  Communication was essential.  After a few bumps in the road, what was once an idea had become an enchanting focal part of our office.

Now, we have a daily reminder of what our team is capable of achieving if we work together. Putting trust into our team resulted in a sense of pride that will never fade.

Trulioo Epic Masterpiece