Follower to Fan

Twitter is one of the most effective social media tools for real-time communication with those outside your organization. It allows you to advertise your product, share company news, provide customer service, and engage potential clients. Done properly, your business can see significant growth and brand recognition through a method that is low cost and current with today’s trends.

“Followers” are those within the Twitter community who have identified you as someone of interest and have subscribed to your twitter feed. Followers (for the purposes of this article) are those who have connected to your brand but who may or may not engage. They may want to keep up to date with your latest news but the level of interaction stops at that. Attracting “Followers” to your brand is an essential part of a Twitter deployment however, the real art is turning those followers into walking, breathing ambassadors for your brand, otherwise known as “Fans”. Some call them “Advocates” or “Influencers” and yes there are subtle differences, but when we say “Fan” we simply mean a person that loves your brand and is willing to support it every step of the way. The Fan would recommend your product or service to family and friends, whilst sharing your content with their online community. On top of that, the Fan engages with your business by asking relevant questions and giving you honest feedback. The Fan in one word is - Gold!

So, how do you take your 5 or 5000 followers and turn them into an army of Fans? Trulioo has compiled a “How-To” guide that your business can use to improve how you engage, interact and communicate with those excited about your brand.  With just a little bit of focus and strategizing, we will help you to create a global network of fans that multiplies your outreach all while increasing your bottom line. We will share and direct you the top articles, stats, tools and tips to turn your followers into fully devoted Fans.  Stay tuned for the first installment: Identifying the Diamonds in the Rough.

by Jasmin Kesmez,