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How AI Elevates Identity Verification

AI and identity verification

May 23, 2024  

Machine learning and AI form the foundation of verification precision and operational efficiency for organizations around the world.

The “AI: From Buzzword to Business Results” webinar with Trulioo and MoneyGram highlights how some of the world’s biggest brands use the technology to standardize local data formatting, capture the nuances of fraud risk and different regulations, and fuel growth while optimizing the onboarding cost for verified users.

AI: A Formidable Fraud Defense

Organizations face a constant challenge defending against fraud, and the struggle often deepens when they operate across borders and rely on multiple verification point solutions. 

But the webinar shows they can overcome that challenge with a single, global partner that delivers AI, machine learning and customized onboarding workflows that constantly adapt to evolving fraud vectors and demographic changes. Data refinement and ongoing optimization play critical roles in that process by improving performance and reducing processing time.

Data source selection and algorithm innovation also help organizations minimize fraud, maximize verification rates and optimize onboarding costs. 

Continuous Innovation Fuels Faster Growth

The webinar also highlights how prebuilt integrations with key identity data and document sources can help organizations quickly enter new markets. When there’s built-in flexibility behind those integrations, companies know they will always have up-to-date data and sourcing that keep pace with evolving regulations and market changes.

Best practices in identity verification strike a balance among user experience, compliance and risk management to fuel growth anywhere in the world. Comprehensive verification capabilities backed by state-of-the-art technology and precise data can help organizations tailor onboarding processes to meet any market challenge.

AI and identity verification

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AI: From Buzzword to Business Results

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