netherlands online gambling

As a founding member of the European Union (EU) and one of the first EU countries to adopt the euro currency, the Netherlands is a modern industrialized nation actively involved in European affairs. The Dutch economy is the sixth largest in the EU, and heavily supported by high levels of agricultural exports.

Although the Dutch are often regarded as progressive in their practices, the Netherlands is one of the few countries in Europe that forbids online gambling. In late 2014, the Dutch Games of Chance Authority (KSA) announced that it had imposed a $225,000 fine against an online gambling operator that was clearly targeting the Netherlands. Currently, Dutch law prohibits any online gambling establishment from applying for a license to operate in the country. However, this is soon expected to change.

The Government of the Netherlands announced in July 2014 that it had approved a plan to introduce new legislation in its House of Representatives to modernize its existing Betting and Gaming Act, which is nearly 50 years old. The newly proposed Remote Betting and Gaming Bill would allow licenses to be issued to online gaming operations including poker, casino games, and sports betting. In addition, the legislation would also make it easier to identify problem gamblers and offer them assistance as well as provide the KSA with greater enforcement powers.

Earlier this year, there were fears that that Remote Betting and Gaming Bill would face a setback due to the resignation its sponsor, Secretary of State for Justice Fred Teeven. However, in a recent speech at a European gaming conference by his successor, Klaas Dijkhoff, the government’s commitment to passing the bill into law remains firm.

Once the online gaming bill comes into force, there will undoubtedly be requirements to verify the age as well as possibly the location of patrons. As in other jurisdictions, age and identity verification will play a vital part in ensuring that the new rules are respected and enforced by operators.

Trulioo’s online identity verification (IDV) service, GlobalGateway, provides instant age and identity verification for over 40 countries, including the Netherlands, using trusted and reliable data sources such as Dutch citizen service numbers (BSN) and credit header data.

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