Trulioo Global Gateway ID Verification Portal

Trulioo wants to ensure that you have all of the tools you need to securely verify your customers, which is why we offer a transaction review feature in Global Gateway. Transaction review gives visibility into your verifications regardless of your integration. With Transaction Review, you can:

  • Repopulate entries automatically
  • Review failed transactions for data optimization
  • Add data sources to boost match rate
  • Create lists of historical transactions for audits or reports

How does it work?

Transaction Review is an Administrative feature accessed through the Global Gateway portal. Search for transactions on a specific day, by user or by country, as well as additional criteria. The transaction review list automatically shows the most recent transaction first followed by earlier transactions, but you can sort by several other attributes including transaction record ID, country, or verify status. This means that if you need to check a particular transaction or the most recent transactions for a given country then you can find those entries quickly and easily.

Not all transactions pass on the first try, and the ability to find out why is important. Often there is a simple explanation such as transposed numbers in an address, or entry of a nickname rather than full name. Transaction review offers an excellent way to debug failed transactions. To change information on a verification so that it can be re-run, Administrative Global Gateway users simply click “re-populate” at the top of the portal screen, enter or correct any information, and rerun the verification. The more information you provide, the better your match success rate. Minimum required fields are always listed to the right. They appear blue when you have successfully entered them, and remain black when they are absent.

Sometimes resolutions aren’t quite that easy, but we are here to help. With unique transaction record IDs, you can also contact Trulioo so we can help you with any problem that you haven’t been able to resolve. All you have to do is submit a query with the record ID in the transaction review and a customer success manager will review the transaction and help explain why it didn’t verify in Global Gateway and suggest any corrections.

Transaction Review lets you monitor your verifications, which is important in multi-office companies. The ability to debug and resubmit verifications helps boost match rates and improve verification policies. Trulioo Support is always available to help you with overall monitoring and improvement of your electronic identity verification workflow. To learn more about Global Gateway, email or call 1 (888) 773-0179 today.