Now that you have content down, what about the make-up of your tweets? What sets it apart from others and what can you do to get them noticed? In this article, we will go over the foundation of the tweet to look at the small details that make your tweets more “retweetable”!

  1. #Hashtags – While it seems obnoxious in real life as illustrated by JT, hashtags greatly increase your tweet’s“retweetability”! In fact, the more hashtags the better, just make sure you think them through or you could fall flat like these companiesretweets
  2. Short and Sweet - The Social Media Scientist found that your target tweet length should be from 115 – 120 characters long, anything longer and there’s a sever drop-off.

  3. Ask For What You Want! Tweets with a strong call to action do much better than those without. The Social Media Scientist’s top 7 were:
  4. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – With Twitter’s picture preview feature, tweets with visuals are now more popular than ever! A user with 1000 followers can expect an average of 0.496 retweets for a tweet with a preview image.
  5. GO HULK! – Yelling is encouraged on Twitter! According to FastCoLabs, Tweets with all CAPS average 0.8 retweets per 1000 followers, compared to tweets with only 1/10 CAPS which only average 0.147 retweets.
  6. Timing Matters – While more activity on Twitter occurs in the afternoons on weekdays, the most retweets occur on Sunday, specifically from 10 – 11 PM.
  7. Tweet Links – Of all tweets that do get retweeted an astounding 70% of them have links! And when you are linking make sure to put it 90% of the way through your tweet.
  8. You Have to Give Some to Get SomeBe reciprocal! Retweet and you shall be retweeted. 

With this tweet foundation and our Content is King guidelines you’re all set to go out and get those retweets! Have any questions or suggestions? Tweet us at @trulioo!