france identity verification id verification

A high priority for the product team at Trulioo is to discover, design and implement new ways to improve GlobalGateway, our market-leading online identity verification (IDV) service. We frequently ask our clients how we can help meet their business needs, and one of the reoccurring themes is acquiring new data sources for increased match rates.

Our Corporate Development team has been actively seeking new data sources around the world, and, we are delighted to announce that as of June 29th, resident data for France will be available in GlobalGateway. Contact us today if you would like to gain access to France data or if you would like more information about how Trulioo’s instant identity verification service can help your business satisfy a diverse range of international compliance requirements, including anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC).

france identity verification id verification

With access to over 140 reliable and trusted data sources that provide coverage for 40+ countries and more than 3 billion people, GlobalGateway is the leading online IDV platform for businesses and organizations seeking to verify identities worldwide. GlobalGateway is used around the world by eCommerce, financial institutions, payment service providers, money services businesses, insurance, gaming, and foreign exchange clients for all of their compliance, risk mitigation, and age verification needs.

In addition to regularly securing unique and reliable data sources for GlobalGateway, the Trulioo team continuously works hard to develop new features and functionalities that offer clients a competitive edge. We recently introduced a new Metrics Dashboard for GlobalGateway to provide improved analytics and reporting to help compliance teams track usage and performance. And for developers, our team is putting the final touches on the Normalized API, a RESTful API that will reduce the number of field types to roughly 30 by mapping common fields and using built-in intelligence.

Check out our online resources page to learn more about how GlobalGateway can help your business streamline its compliance process or contact our sales team to book a live product demonstration.