EmbedID datasheet
For many businesses online, identity verification is crucial to establish trust, reduce fraud and mitigate risks. Having new customers provide identity information that is accurate and up to date helps ensure that the person actually exists and that their information matches reliable and independent data sources.

Identity verification is also an important trust-building signal to customers that your business cares about their safety and security. In fact, a 2020 consumer account opening report found that 85 percent of consumers actually feel safer when online sites verify their identity.

How can a business integrate identity verification without becoming experts in all the nuances of identity verification and creating complex systems from scratch? How can a business perform identity verification properly without spending a lot of time, money and effort to implement, test and operate all the necessary technology?

Fortunately, now there is EmbedID, a low-code developer tool that makes it easy to access the Trulioo GlobalGateway identity network. EmbedID creates responsive country-specific registration forms that are preconfigured to integrate with the GlobalGateway API. By adding a few lines of code, organizations can quickly verify 5 billion identities in over 195 countries around the world.

If you don’t speak code, here’s a translation:

Low-code developer tool
A few lines of code — a snippet — that allows developers to integrate the capabilities of EmbedID, without creating their own code.

Trulioo GlobalGateway identity network
Trulioo has built and optimized a network of over 400 data sources around the world which you can access with one integration. We’ve done all the hard work, to make it easy for you: sourcing, vetting, contracting, integrating and maintaining connections with all of these data sources and verification services.

GlobalGateway API
The same verification application programming interface (API) used by hundreds of enterprise customers (Fortune 500) to customize verification workflows for numerous scenarios and global markets.

Identity verification made easy

We know you want a quick and easy way to integrate identity verification. With EmbedID, there’s minimal engineering effort upfront but maximum scalability for any future plans.

While simple for you to implement and operate, that doesn’t mean it’s limited in capabilities or scalability. So, when your project grows and expands, you don’t need to go find another technology. Trulioo GlobalGateway provides a robust, scalable solution for numerous identity use cases, and with EmbedID, you access all that technology with one integration.

A snippet of code, verify the globe.®

Don’t lose sleep because of risk, security and privacy concerns

There are strict privacy laws around collecting and handling personally identifiable information (PII data) and rightfully so. Trulioo invests significant due diligence efforts into vetting our data sources, clients and operations to ensure the highest standards of data privacy. Trulioo is ISO 27001 certified and so are our partners. We also have proven knowledge and experience in the complexities of global identity verification to further assist your organizations identity requirements.

Now, all of this market intelligence and these best practices for identity verification are packaged for EmbedID customers. With one snippet of code, your organization can leverage the most sophisticated identity network on the planet to onboard verified customers, instantly.


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