Embed ID

For over four years now, Trulioo, the leading global identity verification provider, has supported clients worldwide with GlobalGateway, its API, which provides instant access to hundreds of reliable data sources around the world, covering five billion people and 250 million businesses. Today, Trulioo offered a sneak peek into its newest capability at DeveloperWeek SF; launched in private beta mode and available only to select customers for now, EmbedID is a frontend tool that enables businesses to query GlobalGateway by embedding a snippet of code onto their website, particularly the sign-up or registration form.

Essentially, EmbedID is the easiest way to start using GlobalGateway; by simply pasting a “snippet of code” onto their website, clients can access hundreds of data sources around the world to effectively “verify the globe”.

GlobalGateway, which allows clients to verify five billion people and 250 million businesses using a single touchpoint, was designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes to expand into new markets and comply with cross-border regulatory requirements such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML); in the same vein, EmbedID, too, is quick and convenient by design. It’s an extension of Trulioo’s endeavor to make identity verification instant, simple and unwavering reliable for today’s digital and borderless economy.

“We have successfully encapsulated our international KYC configuration expertise into a single API,” said Stephen Ufford, CEO at Trulioo. “We understand growth is of paramount importance, especially for startups, and this snippet of code will help businesses scale their due diligence processes at full speed with efficiency and flexibility at the forefront.”

You can learn more about EmbedID at DeveloperWeek SF, the world’s largest developer and engineering technology conference, which is taking place on February 21-24, 2019. You can pre-book a meeting here or simply drop by Booth 116 right by the DevExec Lounge.