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Identity verification is only as reliable as the data sources behind it. Data quality is the single most important factor in regulation compliance and risk mitigation. Quality sources such as government, credit, and utility data sources are best, but consumer sources can be used either as supplemental sources or for lower risk transactions.

Common data source types used for online identity verification include:

  • Citizen: Data sourced from either a utility or government issued database that is enhanced and updated with other source files such as public data, change of address, postal data, property data, and data pooling with other organizations.
  • Consumer: Data sourced from direct marketing campaigns.
  • Credit: The data is derived from a registered credit agency, or bureau, which manages consumer credit information on individuals with consumer credit history in that country.
  • Electoral Roll: Government collated and issued data, for all citizens in a country, who are enrolled to vote.
  • Government Issued: Government collated and issued databases, or information. This includes national insurance numbers, driver’s licenses and passports.
  • National ID: Government collated and issued data for countries which have a singular, national identification system with an associated number.
  • Property Files: Data issued by the government or other accredited sources detailing ownership of property within a given country.
  • Public Data/Resident Files: Mixed source which may include utility, consumer, and other public information.
  • Utility: Data issued for a national utility provider which includes telephone, gas, electricity, or water.
  • Tele-connect: An automated, telephone number verification service, which details whether a landline or mobile number is valid and hence connects, or is disconnected.
  • Watchlists (OFAC, DFAT, EU, etc.): Watchlists and country sanction program list screening is available against a rang of lists.
  • Other Identity Validation: Validation of national identity numbers, social security numbers, national health numbers, or other key country indicators of identity. Also includes validation of the unique reference number at the bottom of global passport machine readable zone (MRZ), which specifies that is it valid and also includes the individual’s name and date-of-birth.

Trulioo's online identity verification service, GlobalGateway, uses multiple credible third-party data sources to cross-check the information that your customers provide for verification and validation. We offer a variety of trustworthy data sources to help you verify your customers' identities and meet compliance standards.

Information about Data Sources in GlobalGateway

As part of Trulioo's ongoing efforts to improve identity verification match rates, we routinely optimize data sources on GlobalGateway. Based on client requests and identity verification marketplace demand, our team works diligently to secure new data sources and continuously on-boards new countries to the GlobalGateway API. A classification system of three categories shows the verification strength for each country (Category 1, Category 2, Category 3).  The classification system is based on how many data sources GlobalGateway has for the country, how much of the population is covered by the data sources for the country, and if the data sources meet or exceed age verification guidelines and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements. Trulioo is committed to transparency and so makes available detailed information on sources once a prospect begins the evaluation of services and initiates a non-disclosure agreement.

Are Trulioo's data sources reliable and independent, and what are the means to determine this?

Trulioo works with leading data source providers, who internally enforce the highest data privacy and industry compliance standards. From the vetting process to on-boarding, rigorous checks are in place including determining business history, as well as executing security compliance checks to ensure the integrity of our data.

How is the data on each record collected?

Trulioo provides identity verification services to clients across the globe, with coverage in over 40 countries. As a result, each data source is unique, as are the collection methods by which a file is established. What is consistent across all data providers is an adherence to providing notice and requesting opt-in from users, prior to the collection of data, as well as the adherence to security and privacy best practices in protecting this information.

How frequently is the database updated? And how?

GlobalGateway provides access to a global resource of data sources, integrated via API to our system. Each data source has varying time frames by which the update of their data is governed. Primarily within a daily, weekly or quarterly cycle. Given the direct link to our data source providers, all updates are reflected in real time within GlobalGateway.

How comprehensive is the file?

This depends on the country and when the file is pulled. Since we are constantly updating sources and continuously acquiring newer data sources to improve match rates, the percentage of coverage changes frequently. GlobalGateway has many countries with population coverage in excess of 80% (Category 1) which is achieved by checking multiple data sources. Our country categorization is based in part on the percent of population covered for each country.

Which data elements are verified and how does it match your AML/KYC Program?

This is a critical question, and of course depends on the data source and the country. One great way to gain specific answers for this question is to sign up for a free trial or schedule a GlobalGateway demo with our sales rep. You can see the list of data sources in our portal with each data element required and verified for each source. Our data sources can verify or validate the following types of data elements:

  • Full Name
    • First Name/Given Name
    • Last Name/Surname
  • Address
    • Street Number/House Number/ Civic Number
    • Street Name/Street Type
    • Postal Code
    • State/Region/Province
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Passport Number
  • Driver’s License or similar government ID
  • National ID Number

We hope this information offers you valuable information about data sources used for identity verification through Trulioo's GlobalGateway. Created by experts in AML compliance and risk mitigation strategies, GlobalGateway provides businesses with the technology they need to bring their verification workflow online and verify the identity and age of their customers at onboarding and throughout the client relationship both quickly and easily. If we didn't answer your questions, please send an email to and let us know how we can help.