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diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Drive Innovation at Trulioo

diversity and inclusion

In 2011, Tanis Jorge and Stephen Ufford, two Canadian entrepreneurs, were looking for solutions to one of the most intractable problems keeping vast sections of the world’s population mired in poverty. Indeed,  the inability to verify individuals – particularly in emerging markets where large groups of people do not have identity documentation – keeps billions across the world from having access to the basic services and opportunities that the rest of us take for granted.

Indeed, diversity and inclusion have been at the center of Trulioo’s philosophy and culture. As a purpose-driven company, Trulioo’s mission is to verify the identity of the entire human population so that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to the endless opportunities and possibilities made manifest by the online, borderless economy.

As a Canadian company based in Vancouver, Trulioo has been lucky to tap into the city’s multicultural ethos. Trulioo’s employees hail from all corners of the globe – from countries as diverse as Iran, Iraq, Greece, India, Brazil, Israel, Ireland, New Zealand, Thailand, China and more. In fact, only a few of our 100+ employees were born in Canada. We believe that diversity and inclusiveness are key to tackling a problem that cuts across borders. A truly diverse workforce gives Trulioo the opportunity to bring people with disparate backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and set of experiences, to work together and solve problems around identity verification in different parts of the world. Indeed, Trulioo’s project is global and it’s been lucky to have a truly global team that is ideologically invested in its mission.

“The tech industry is positioned uniquely to disrupt global problems; however, diversity and inclusion is key,” said Alicia Close, founder & CEO of Women in Tech World, who formerly worked at Trulioo. “Over 70 percent of the time, gender-diverse teams make better business decisions than individual decision makers — seven percent more than non-diverse teams. So it’s no surprise that diversity and inclusion play a key part in creating innovative solutions, when designed intentionally.” Close was recently named in “Top 30 Under 30” by BC Business.

Diversity and inclusion

In keeping with its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Trulioo has been running the Women in Tech series over several months. The series, which profiles some of the most influential and empowering women, particularly those in the identity, fintech and RegTech industries, poses searching questions about gender diversity and inclusion, asking women to relate their own experiences and air their perspectives on these matters. Likewise, Fostering Financial Inclusion, a regular feature on Trulioo’s blog, profiles some of the most progressive technology companies that are working towards building inclusive products and services.

Recently, Trulioo sponsored TryCatch 2019 – an initiative by Simon Fraser University to help young women explore their interests in the fields of computer science, engineering and technology. In July, we will be co-hosting an event, which will be a part of Tech Ladies, a global community of 50,000 members.

From its efforts to unlock new opportunities for financially excluded populations around the world, to its initiatives to support gender diversity, Trulioo isn’t just an advocate of diversity and inclusion, but an outcome of it.

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