DevWeek NY 2019

Over 3,000 developers, engineers and tech executives from all over the world would be converging at DeveloperWeek New York, from June 17 to 20 this year. Arguably the largest developer event on the East Coast, the conference is a springboard into the tech landscape, with developer-focused workshops, along with networking opportunities and insightful discussions featuring industry experts.

One of the reasons why this conference attracts thousands of developers every year is because it provides exposure to cutting-edge innovations and products, giving them a chance to become early adopters and build on top of exciting and exclusive new technologies. Trulioo, which recently launched its new and game-changing capability that is targeted specifically at developers, will be presenting at the event too. Its new capability, called EmbedID, is essentially a front-end tool that enables businesses to query Trulioo’s API, GlobalGateway, to instantly verify customers in multiple markets by embedding a snippet of code to their website, particularly the sign-up or registration form.

If you’re developer or tech professional looking for an easy and elegant solution to onboarding customers from multiple markets around the world, drop by our booth and learn more about EmbedID.

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Alongside, Trulioo will also be presenting two developer-focused sessions. These sessions, which examine crucial themes and issues encountered in the daily trenches of software development, will provide instructive insights to developers.

Reclaiming Javascript: Building Scalable Web Components with React, Redux, GraphQL, Webpack and Docker

Menelaos Kotsollaris
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
4:00 PM - 4:25 PM
Expo Stage

This is perhaps the most exciting time to be a Javascript developer. New npm packages are being released almost every day; likewise, new frameworks, libraries and websites are being launched to help developers plug into the ecosystem. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost in this sea of information - developers may find it difficult to choose optimal libraries to build scalable systems that can offer the best possible user experience.

This will be a live coding presentation with a Q&A at the end. It will cover:

  • How to configure Webpack to extract custom packages that can be utilized by other developers using npm commands
  • How to test these components
  • How to separate UI from state using Redux-Thunk
  • Showcase GraphQL integration with AWS
  • Showcase Hashicorp vault for API Key storage
  • How to utilize css-in-js technologies to apply styling into components
  • How and when to re-factor codebase

About the host:
Menelaos Kotsollaris is a Software Engineer at Trulioo, where he works on building web applications and tools for instant identity verification. He is the author of EmbedID, an open source npm package for verifying individuals around the world using Trulioo’s GlobalGateway; he is passionate about Javascript technologies and the open source community.

Sustaining Product Innovation: Turning “Aha Moments” into Products

Conor Delahunty & Marat Asadurian
Thursday June 20, 2019
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
Workshop Stage 1

In a disruptive landscape, where change is rapid, and inevitably upends the status quo, product, engineering and R&D teams are always bristling with new ideas. Sometimes good ideas are born from sudden flashes of insight or discovery; if they seem particularly promising, developers and engineers are quick to apply lean startup principles to quickly prototype and validate them.

But what happens next? Do we keep building on them? Do we rework them? Do we discard them so that they join the growing pile of other aborted ideas?

This talk will cover:

  • Balancing ideas with expectations around delivering actual code and features
  • Wanting to do a lot, but being unable to execute on pace
  • Sustainable Prototyping: Throw-away vs build-on-top
  • Ensuring a continuous feedback loop
  • Acting on new ideas without burdening the rest of your team with extra work
  • Turning problems and obstacles into new learnings

About the hosts:

Marat Asadurian is a Software Engineering manager in Trulioo, Marat enjoys building new products as well as new teams. In his current role, Marat is managing a team that generates new business lines by exploiting the full potential of Trulioo Global Gateway API.

Conor Delahunty is a Product Manager at Trulioo; At Trulioo, alongside integrating APIs from across the world he’s also been responsible for the development of Trulioo’s developer hub and expanding their Developer Ecosystem.

We hope to see you in New York City!

DeveloperWeek New York
JUNE 17–20, 2019 | Brooklyn Expo Center
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