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Active engagement is the key to building die-hard fans, and it all starts with providing great content. But how do you create content that is interesting, sharable and viral?

No Blank Slides

Don’t just wait for a big gust of inspiration. Planning is crucial when it comes to content marketing. Listen to what you audience is talking about and plan your themes accordingly.

Don’t be Lazy

When it comes to content, laziness is not allowed – the more effort you put in, the more results you’ll earn. Janessa Mangone from Living Social says that the challenge for social media managers is to go beyond begging for “likes” and retweets and actually inspire legitimate conversation and fan engagement.

Make it relevant & sharable

To make it easy for the community to share your content, Janessa suggests:

  • Share real customer stories and experiences
  • Pose commonly asked questions and answers that relate to your industry
  • Share positive reviews
  • Boost engagement with photos and videos
  • Think of tweets that drive word of mouth
  • Ask your followers for their opinions about your products/services. When you make changes based on their opinion, follow up! You are more likely to get retweets, shout outs and solidify them as a Fan.

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by Jasmin Kesmez,