Across the world, thousands of modern-day superheroes are working behind the scenes to keep business safe for everyone involved. These are the compliance officers: professionals in the areas of finance, business, accounting and law who defend their companies from fraud, crime and monetary fines.

September 26 is Compliance Officer Day and we want to honor these superheroes and their dedication to protecting society from financial crime. Their occupation isn’t always well understood, and they’re not often in the spotlight, but compliance officers deserve to be recognized for the important work they do.

This month, Trulioo participated in Drop Zone, which is a fundraiser for Easter Seals. Two members of the Trulioo team donned their capes and rappelled down the Guinness Tower, where the Trulioo head office is located. Despite the rain and the great height, ID Man and Lady Verify descended with brave determination.

ID Man and Lady Verify embody the everyday heroism of compliance officers everywhere, helping global business run smoothly. Join Trulioo in celebrating #ComplianceOfficerDay and share the video with your favorite compliance officer.

Interested in learning the origin stories of our identity superheroes? We’ve created a comic book and coloring book that gives compliance officers a fun way to share what they do with the special people in their lives.

Download Coloring Book

Feel free to share The Adventures of ID Man and The Compliance Kid with your friends, family or colleagues for #ComplianceOfficerDay.