nTrust: Remittance from Anyone, to Anywhere.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

  Living in a beautiful multi-cultural country, Canada welcomes diverse people who have emigrated here from places around the corners of the world. Many foreigners travel all the way here in hopes of making a better living to send money back home to their loved ones. In 2015, a total amount of $23.4 billion was

Apple Pay: Two Years and Counting

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Happy Birthday, Apple Pay! You’re two years old, time to put on the big boy shoes. Well, actually, considering who your parents are, we expect a lot from you already; let’s see how far you’ve come, and where you’ll go. A bit of background, Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that lets users make payments using their

PayExpo Europe, UK’s largest payments event, will be hosting its 4th annual conference at ExCel London from June 7th to 8th. With over 130 speakers and 70 exhibitors, PayExpo Europe showcases the latest technology and innovation for faster, easier, and more secure payments for banks, retailers, online gaming, government, and mobile network operators. This is

Today’s world is becoming increasingly connected thanks to the Internet. As a result, cross-border trade continues to grow exponentially, so much so that cross-border transactions made up for nearly a quarter of PayPal’s total payment volume from 2012 to 2014. For anyone seeking to do business internationally, whether buying or selling, there are a multitude

‘Tis the season for giving and for the second year in a row, Team Trulioo participated in the annual Startups Care Campaign, a holiday initiative where startup companies get together to raise food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. This year, Trulioo joined forces with nTrust to build a 7-foot “Giving Tree” made of canned foods, which will all be donated

The traditional financial services industry has huge IT budgets and armies of brilliant thinkers dedicated to product design. It’s acutely aware of the opportunities represented by the roughly 2 billion unbanked adults around the world. Yet the industry struggles to innovate and create rapid change to address the needs of these underserved people. The reality is that

Now that we live in an era where practically any good or service can be purchased online with the swipe of a finger, cross-border commerce is in full swing. Smartphones have attracted over 2 billion consumers around the world onto the Internet. By 2020, it is expected that there will be 4 billion smartphones in

Announced at Money20/20, Trulioo will be offering real-time identity verification coverage in India. With India’s growth rate expected to surpass China’s in 2016, Trulioo has received high demand for identity verification coverage in India that will help streamline Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes for cross-border transactions, including payments and ecommerce. “Jumping 16

Earlier today, we announced the appointment of former PayPal veteran Amy Penn as Trulioo’s new Vice President of Sales to help the company capitalize on its escalating sales growth, particularly in the payments sector. Penn is an agile sales veteran in the identity management, regulatory compliance and payments space having spent most of her career at PayPal,