Have you ever heard the term cyber-event? When you put the term in context with FinCEN (United States Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), you know an “event” is a big deal, a significant threat. With the ongoing expansion of cyber-events and cyber-enabled crime, governments have no choice but to create more controls to

Effectively Managing PII is Crucial to Ensure Compliance with Privacy Laws and Maintaining Customer Trust. One acronym that is popular today is TMI, too much information. It comes into play when the narrator includes information that is too personal, too revealing for comfort. What happens though, when the personal information is not under the control

Compliance is Only First Step for RegTech

Tuesday, 06 December 2016

When thinking about RegTech, regulations are the first thought. It’s right there in the name! The practical application is compliance, allowing companies to ease the burden of gathering data and then analyzing, monitoring, reporting and recording that data to ensure the company is following the law. There’s a whole host of financial regulations already in

When many people think of AI (artificial intelligence), they think of Terminator, a human-crushing, world-ending, indifferent machine. When almost anyone thinks of paperwork, they think soul-crushing, cumbersome, tedious work. What if AI, instead of destroying people, destroys paperwork, ending the drudgery of mindless work? No, we’re not talking about some Hollywood sci-fi flick, but rather

New Report — FinTech, RegTech and the Reconceptualization of Financial Regulation — proposes reforms to how regulators oversee financial industries. The end is near, according to every doomsday advocate, ever. In 2008, it actually was; a total financial collapse was only hours away before unprecedented action by the US Treasury. After the dust settled, regulators

One of the hottest startups currently taking the millennials by storm is NetCents, a spunky financial services company offering a suite of products leveraging traditional capital markets infrastructure and blockchain technology. More simply put, NetCents helps their users pay, their way. With the NetCents app, you can move, purchase, transfer, withdraw funds and even buy

We are very pleased to announce that GlobalGateway, Trulioo’s identity verification platform, has been shortlisted for the IET Innovation Awards 2016 in two categories: Information Technology and Cyber Security. “We’re delighted to be selected as a finalist for two esteemed IET Innovation Awards,” said Stephen Ufford, Founder and CEO of Trulioo. “As more and more people around

FrontFundr: Investing for Everyone 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

  If crowdfunding and venture capital ever had a child, it would probably be something like this startup. Taking center stage in this month’s Fintech in Vancouver series is FrontFundr, an investment platform that is tapping into a much larger investor community that consists of seasoned investors and the wider public versus your traditional startup

CNP Expo: Know Your Panelist

Sunday, 22 May 2016

As we inch closer and closer to this year’s CNP Expo at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, we wanted to spotlight the experts joining us for the panel, Keeping it Real: Why KYC is so Vital! Held on Wednesday, May 25th from 10:30am to 11:15am, the discussion will touch on the challenges, opportunities