May you live in interesting times. Sounds nice, but it’s actually a Chinese curse; interesting implies eventful and eventful is not always good. Considering how eventful 2016 was, we’re in store for a turbulent, dramatic year with a whole lot of changes. While no one has a crystal ball, we can make some predictions for

Yesterday, we reviewed the first part of 2016 in regards to changes in the technology, innovation and regulatory landscape for the online identity industry. Continuing on, here’s what happened in the last half of the year. July In July 2016, FinCEN (The U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), enacted new rules to close loopholes

AML Updates Around the World

Friday, 09 December 2016

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India’s digital identification system, Aadhaar, debuted in 2010. Since then, about 1 billion Indians have been registered in the system – nearly 80 percent of India’s 1.3 billion citizens. Due to this incredible number of registrants in a relatively short time, Aadhaar has been lauded as a landmark innovation, one that verifies Indian citizens for

Payment Services Directive 2 will increase innovation and competition in the European payment industry I’ll trade you a cow for some bushels of wheat. No, you only need a bit of cow? Fortunately, innovation in payments has brought us way beyond this old school method of conducting trade, however, significant problems still exist. High fees, fraud,

  Tired of paying a fee for every little thing you do with your credit card and debit card? Sick of big financial institutions charging you hidden fees that just don’t make sense? Meet Koho, a Fintech in Vancouver who offers a prepaid card solution — without all the exorbitant charges. Part of Koho’s philosophy

Africa Paving the Mobile Money Trail

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sometimes, being late to the party is a good thing; you can leap ahead to the good part, bypassing all the setup. In the world of technology, the leapfrog effect refers to bypassing previous iterations of a technology and jumping to the most current version. This saves considerable time and money — and can achieve quick results.

More EU Financial Regulations on the Horizon

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Regulators, by their nature, regulate. And, with so much technological, political and financial change happening, it’s no wonder why EU financial regulators are so busy. To add to the recent changes such as Basel III and SEPA, compliance officers need to pay attention to a host of topics. Brexit Unless you’ve been hiding under a

If you haven’t noticed lately, the price of oil is back to $50 US/barrel. For businesses in the Middle East or those looking to expand into the region, that means that the thaw might be over and that a rebound is at hand. Of course, oil is not the only business or determining trend of