Optimizing identity verification workflows

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly deploy effective strategies that help protect your organization from fraud, provide compliance (if you need it) and onboard customers quickly?

The upcoming live virtual demo, Building frictionless identity verification workflows, is for you. Trulioo sales engineer Shaun Singh will walk you through a customized workflow for identity proofing. This risk-based approach combines two verification methods to increase accuracy for match rates while keeping friction to a minimum.

Identity Verification (IDV)

The demo will show a successful verification using GlobalGateway Identity Verification (IDV); this method checks for matches on personal identification information against reliable data sources. Customers appreciate the quick onboarding process, and the number of identity details is adjustable to consider various risk scenarios. The demonstration will also show a failed verification and discuss why that happens and opportunities to improve results.

ID Document Verification

Implementing an ID Document Verification step in the workflow offers an additional verification method for increased assurance and security. The self-guided prompts ensures the customer submits a high quality photo of their identity document during the account opening process. GlobalGateway can use image information to help determine if the document matches known identity templates or has been tampered with. Additionally, the identity information displayed on the document is run through an IDV check.

Combining the two methods, Identity Verification and ID Document Verification, will demonstrate how workflows are optimized for risk mitigation.

The demo will show how custom workflows in GlobalGateway can fit unique requirements for your organization. With GlobalGateway, you can create multiple workflows to fit different scenarios — different countries, different use cases, different risk profiles — and once you know how to create one, you’ll be able to configure and adjust as you see fit.

Attend the demo to quickly learn:

  • How the end-to-end customer experience looks
  • How to confidently evaluate identity verification solutions
  • How to use the Image Capture SDK to integrate with multiple ID document partners
  • How your industry peers are thinking about verification

Sign up today for the live virtual demo and see how identity verification solutions work:

Optimizing identity verification workflows

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM PST
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