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If data is the new currency that is driving the digital economy, then digital identity is an asset that needs to be protected like all other valuable assets. If the case for digital Identity as an asset is true, shouldn’t the control of the identity be with the owner of the identity?

Questions about how to protect one’s digital identity and data footprint are crucial in the ongoing discourse around privacy in today’s modern online world. BayPay, a vibrant community of fintech, payments and commerce executives and entrepreneurs, is organizing Digital Identity and the Changing Privacy Landscape, a lively discussion on the state of digital identity. The event, which will be held on May 29, will feature a prestigious panel comprising notable industry executives, including Anatoly Kvitnitsky, VP of Growth at Trulioo.

The panel will explore the role of AI/ML in protecting digital identities and challenges arising from regulations such as GDPR and the upcoming California Privacy Act. Here is a list of the panelists:

Denise Aptekar
VP, Global Payments at Upwork

Denise is the VP, Global Payments for Upwork. Denise was previously an early employee at PayPal as Director, Risk Management, and Director, Product Management.

Anatoly Kvitnitsky
VP of Growth at Trulioo

Anatoly has a wealth of experience working in strategy and corporate development within financial technology, credit, consumer healthcare and identity markets. He has had a ringside view of the challenges that organizations face in scaling their products for global use, and how technology can overcome such challenges.

Filip Verley
Product Manager at Airbnb

Filip is finding solutions for the merger of the physical and digital worlds, and its impact on identity. In his current role with Airbnb, this is one of the company’s most critical missions.

Chackan Lai
Vice President Global Product and Innovation Risk at Visa Inc.

Chackan is an experienced payments industry executive. In his current role at Visa, Chackan is responsible for leading analysis of new and emerging technologies such as blockchain, digital fiat currency, and IoT.

Philip Lam
Vice President of Risk Product Strategy at Early Warning

Phil Lam leads the Digital Identities work at Early Warning Services. He previously served in the Obama Administration as both a Trusted Identity Strategist and a Pilots Program Manager.

Event Details

May 29, 2018
5:30 PM to 8:30 PM PT
Hosted by: Exponent
Exponent Offices, 149 Commonwealth Dr.
Menlo Park, CA