API for scalable global identity

Demands on developers seem to continually increase; new requirements, new tickets, and new systems eat away at all available work hours. Fortunately, technology continues to improve on delivering new and better ways to implement solutions – as long as you keep up with the new tech.

That’s where APIdays comes in. APIdays is the leading tech and business series of conferences for APIs and the programmable economy. Helping developers learn the latest APIs and their capabilities helps improve and scale operations, product development and other core business functions. Their focus on democratizing and evangelizing the use of APIs through conferences as well as research reports and workshops make it easier to learn the latest tools, best practices and developments.

Trulioo will be participating at the next APIdays in San Francisco, July 16-17. Focusing on The Future API Stack for New Product Experiences, the conference will feature tracks around Identity & Security, API Lifecycle & Open API Spec, Service Mesh / Istio, Cloud Data Management & Integration and GraphQL. The track around Identity & Security is, of course, of special interest to Trulioo as we’ve been developing our robust GlobalGateway identity API for over five years. Join us for our presentation and workshop, or stop by our booth to learn about the latest innovations in identity verification that is helping organizations increase trust, meet compliance requirements and reduce fraud in today’s online world.

[Presentation] APIs with Rapid Integration Packages: Verifying Identities at Scale

Marat Asadurian, R&D Software Engineering Manager

To meet demand in the API-driven software industrialization era, companies have to ensure the safety and success of their clients at scale. OpenAPISpec, OpenID and OAuth2.0 technologies have leveled the playing field, but each company has its own challenges to bridge the gap between their API and their clients' needs.

Learn how rapid integration packages are being leveraged to reduce integration overhead for both API providers and clients. Marat will share the challenges and opportunities faced during the development of rapid integration packages for identity verification from conception to market, and provide examples of how the technology currently supports organizations around the world meet compliance requirements, onboard customers and build trust online in a scalable way.

[Workshop] Semantic APIs: JSON-LD and the Next Generation of Identity Verification API

Neil Chong-Kit, Director of Product

With the proliferation of APIs and increased connections between platforms, data is travelling far beyond its original context. This forward-looking workshop examines the necessity for semantic markup (JSON-LD) in the next generation of identity verification APIs.

APIdays San Francisco
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
July 16 & 17, 2019