Trulioo GlobalGateway Normalized API better faster simpler

Trulioo strives for continuous improvement of its products and services. Listening to feedback from clients has proven to be the most effective way to gain insight about product features and enhancements that have real impact on revenue growth and protecting the bottom line.

What have we learned from our clients?

Rapid growth in mobile use means that consumers now want to be able to transact from anywhere at any time. Companies need to streamline their business operations with online identity verification (IDV) while keeping customer user experience in mind. Management is looking for a cost-effective and agile solution that can be implemented quickly to connect to their existing infrastructure. Developers want a seamless integration for their applications that is as straightforward as it is powerful.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the key to opening a whole new digital world for businesses to work in. Not only do APIs easily open existing services to the outside world, but they also allow businesses to affordably launch new services.

That’s why Trulioo is working hard on the final touches of the new Normalized API for GlobalGateway. Built for scalability and flexibility, the Normalized API is a RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) API, ensuring that it is ready to meet future needs as Trulioo continues to enhance GlobalGateway with dynamic new functionality, as well as additional countries and data sources.

This new integration option will reduce the number of field types to approximately 30 fields by using built-in intelligence and mapping of common fields. Currently, our XML Direct WSDL (Web Services Description Language) based service supports an extensive list of country-specific fields, including a multitude of different name, address, and ID attributes. Reducing the number of fields will enable clients to scale their business faster, smoother, and more efficiently.

Trulioo’s product and development teams are currently working closely with several select clients who are participating in the Normalized API Beta Program. Through this program, clients have provided extremely valuable feedback that has, in turn, helped identify areas for further improvement. In preparation for its expected full release by the end of June, the Normalized API is being refined based on the comments received.

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