ACAMS 24th AML & Financial Crime Conference

As technology advances at an exponential rate, fraudsters and money launderers are acquiring new and sophisticated ways of moving illegally obtained money and manipulating the global financial system. Keeping pace with the rapid pace of regulatory change, updating compliance programs to steer clear of regulatory fines, modernizing fraud prevention programs to combat the changing nature of security threats – the demands placed on compliance professionals and anti-money laundering experts can be overwhelming.

In this chaotic milieu, industry conferences offer interesting ways to acquire new knowledge and catch sight of upcoming trends. The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), the world’s largest international Anti-money Laundering (AML) and financial crime prevention community, will be hosting the 24th Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference in Hollywood, Florida from April 15 to 17, this year. The three-day event will attract over 2,000 attendees, including experts from government, finance and law enforcement, sharing their insights and experiences in fighting financial crime.

This year, the conference will spotlight some of the most pernicious threats today, and how recent advances in technology can help combat them. From the dangers posed by the emergence of the Dark Web to the nexus between money laundering and drug trafficking, and the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, the conference will touch upon critical issues and offer attendees opportunities to engage with prominent regulators, technologists and anti-money laundering experts.

Deconstruct latest developments from an AML perspective

How do the ongoing shifts in politics, economics, organized crime and the regulatory environment, impact AML and compliance experts? Listen to experts deconstruct current events through the prism of AML expectations and requirements; there will be opportunities to interact and brainstorm with fellow AML specialists who deal with similar day-to-day challenges. The conference will also host training sessions on diverse financial crime prevention subjects, including virtual currencies, sanctions and more.

Meet Trulioo at Booth 102

Trulioo will be at the conference as well. As the world’s leading identity verification provider, Trulioo is used by some of the world’s largest banks, payment and money transfer companies, social media networks, online marketplaces, Big Tech companies, and Fortune 500 companies, to verify five billion people and 250 million businesses around the world.

Do stop by Booth 102 – our team of industry experts, who have helped some of the world’s largest companies scale their KYC/AML programs in both developed and developing markets, will be glad to assist you with your compliance needs.

If would like to pre-book a time to talk to our team, you can schedule a conversation here.

We are excited to see you there!

ACAMS 24th Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference
Monday, April 15, 2019 - Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Diplomat Resort & Spa
3555 South Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL , Florida 33019
United States
+1 (954) 602-6000